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It's funny how life happens sometimes...

a couple of years ago, I was looking for a creative outlet for myself. I stumbled upon photography as a possible means for that creative outlet. Up until this point I didn't know an F-stop from a door stop. In fact my wife wouldn't let me take photos with her 35mm compact since, "I always rushed and they came out blurry"

So I did what I always do, start buying some magazines, reading, trying to understand and then it happened. Nikon released the brand new D70. I went out and bought one and learned very quickly that I had a lot to learn (still do). I also learned that I really loved taking and creating pictures.

Photography has been a great outlet for me, one that I can see mysef doing for a long time.

One of my favorite things that people say is "oh those are good pictures...you must have a nice camera." I just smile and say.."yeah it's alright". Of course this would be akin to me saying to someone "you just made a delicious meal, you must have a nice stove"

As long as folks like looking at em, and I like taking em...it's all good.